playa del carmen

I recently returned from a week long meetup at Playa del Carmen, Mexico with 8 of my coworkers. Unlike most business trips, ours are spent doing projects were interested in and exploring what the city has to offer. Having been born and raised in Los Angeles, you’d think I would have gone further into Mexico than Tijuana, but this was my first time heading towards this end of Mexico. Having gone to Hawaii 4 times, I can’t believe I didn’t just come here! The beaches in Playa del Carmen were absolutely beautiful. To be honest, I think they were better than any beach I went to in Hawaii! The sand was so fine that it felt like soft clay, and the waters were cleaner than anything I have ever seen before. And the food! It’s nearly impossible to get sick of Mexican food. I literally ate it for lunch and dinner 6 straight days in a row and didn’t even feel an inclining to try other food!

We started the week off with some work, and then went off on a 5 mile hike to the ruins of Tulum the next day. I tried to get over my fear of heights by climbing the stairs of this ancient ruin, but I’m not really sure how much of my fear I conquered. My heart was beating at a speed I’ve never felt before and once I reached the top, it didn’t get this overwhelming sense of accomplishment. All I felt was anxiety from knowing that I had to get back down. I don’t actually know where my fear of heights started because when I was younger I could care less! I’m becoming so much more fearful as I get older and I hate it. After we all made it down, we stopped by a sink hole before reaching Tulum, which was the absolute highlight of the trip. The water was so clean and refreshing I wish I could have one in my nonexistent backyard!

Another memorable day was when we snorkeled with sea turtles. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of this as I didn’t bring my camera nor do I have a fancy waterproof camera like my coworkers. But, it was absolutely amazing. You could tell how much our tour guides really respected nature and the animals in ocean. It was very refreshing to see how much they wanted to preserve the environment for these animals. I wish we were more like that in the US. Watching the animals in their natural environment was amazing and seeing how comfortable they were with humans was unbelievable.

While all the adventures were unforgettable, I have to say, just getting to know my coworkers in this type of setting was amazing. Being able to work together, go on adventures together, eat together, and explore a city together really allows you to get to know one another in a way that’s difficult to put into words. Knowing that I probably won’t see them for awhile or be with those same exact people in that city ever again makes me want to cherish the time we have. For some weird reason I love being in a moment and realizing that it will probably never happen again in the future. I think it makes you forget the little things and focus on creating memories.

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