park city, utah

I spent the last week with over 270 of my coworkers in Park City, Utah. It’s crazy because I remembered thinking how shockingly beautiful Park City was. For some reason I don’t think there are very many beautiful places in the United States even though it’s the country I was born and raised in. Nevertheless, it was beautiful and I’d highly recommend going – summer or winter.

There were a lot of firsts during this trip and the most memorable was skydiving. I realized at last year’s meetup that I was deathly afraid of heights when I went zip lining in the Redwood trees! (Sidenote: My job is awesome!) So, I thought I’d conquer this fear by going skydiving, which my co-worker renamed, Skydying. We had such a large group that we ended up waiting nearly 5 hours before we could go. I luckily had Siobhan with me – I honestly may not have gone had it not been for her! My tandem master (who they refer to as the instructor you skydive with) was absolutely ridiculous. He saw how afraid I was so he continued to play around with me. He said he was tired, and that he gets worse when he’s tired. He proceeded to “fall asleep” in the plane ride up, which was the scariest part. Then when we reached the top, he reaches for my strap and goes, “Oh crap, this is extra large, I thought it meant extra little!” I was so scared that I barely even heard what he said. When we finally got ready to jump, there was no time to think things through, but all I knew was that I felt so safe strapped to him. It’s so ironic that you’re jumping out of a plane, but you feel so safe! It felt so surreal. To be honest I don’t think I overcame my fear of heights because it didn’t feel real at all. It was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life.

In addition to skydiving I also went white water rafting for the first time. It wasn’t very rough so it was fairly easy. I hope to do a level 4 course one day. While the activities were a blast I have to say the best part was getting to know my coworkers better. I’ve managed to get fairly close to a few of my coworkers and the thought of only seeing them once a year makes me really sad. As I’m writing this, I’m just realizing how rare of an environment I work in. While I would never want to give up the flexibility I cherish so much, I truly do miss my coworkers.

This meetup has made me reflect on the past year as I was only hired a couple months before last year’s GM. A lot of people ask me how I ended up here and it always turns into this really long winded answer because to be honest, I really should not be here. Just to give you an idea of my path I went from finance > fashion > entertainment > education > tech. That may seem like one to many industries for a 26 year old, and I’d have to agree with you. I’ve met so many interesting people and had so many crazy experiences that sometimes I can’t believe the words that are coming out of my mouth when I tell my stories.

Out of all the industries I’ve been in I truly think Education and Technology will change the world for the better. However, I feel that those two industries really just don’t understand one another, sadly. I’ll have to gather my thoughts regarding this in a new post.

Until then, here are some pictures from the Grand Meetup!

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