korea the homeland

I recently (using this term very loosely, it’s been a couple months) came back from a trip to Seoul, Korea. It was a strange feeling being in Korea this time around as the last time I had gone was nearly 7 years ago. I was so excited back then because I knew Seoul would be so much fun – partying, drinking, cafes, and shopping all day long. This time would be a little different: I’d have to work, I don’t drink that much anymore (especially soju), I couldn’t shop too much as my bag was already filled to its maximum capacity, and I don’t drink coffee. It seemed like much of what Koreans do for fun was out of the question for me. But nevertheless, I had a great time. I knew the subway system fairly well after a couple days, and honestly the best part was getting to know my friend’s family. I stayed with my old college roommate and her family was the sweetest. I felt so at home considering I wasn’t able to get much sleep in Taiwan. I slept like a baby in Seoul.

Because of work I spent a lot of my time alone during the week, which I actually enjoyed. I was able to see the sights I wanted to see and just people watch. So much time had passed since I was last in Korea that it really felt like I was visiting a different country. This time I left Seoul for a day with my friend and her bf to see Heyri. It was an entirely design-centric city that was so fun and unique. You really have a bigger appreciation for architecture when you see all these unique buildings. America is so filled with commercial architecture that you don’t even notice the design of the buildings. I don’t even know if the buildings were all that nice, but I could appreciate that they were all very unique in their own way.

I’m not sure if I’ll come back to Korea for awhile. It may be another 7 years before I go again, but seeing old friends will always keep me coming back.

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