december in la

Happy New Year! This past December was quite eventful with quite a few loved ones coming to LA. It started with an unexpected surprise from a friend in Chicago. She was absolutely shocked by the weather in LA in December. It was a lovely 80 degrees! It was definitely icecream weather in LA. We went to a couple of my favorite place in LA – Zinque and Salt and Straw.

She then left for San Diego on the same day that mnm came from SF! We went hiking at Griffith Park, ate some good food, and went to Redondo Beach after dropping off the bro at LAX to visit his gf in New York. I think Mandu was actually happier to see mnm than being with me. Mandu truly does love the boys in my life. I think he gets overjoyed with happiness whenever mnm or my brother visits. Makes me wonder if I’m not good enough?!

I was so happy to finally use my new camera – Sony A6000. I’ve never been one to really get into photography, but with more and more video auditions, I thought it might be time to invest in one. I bought it because it had pretty decent reviews as a beginning camera for photos and more importantly videos. I’m still figuring out some of the settings and hope that I can finally understand this thing!

On Christmas Eve mnm spent the night baking some amazing cookies (I superbly failed at baking Samoas) but mnm was quite successful in chocolate drop cookies. We also baked another batch of Coconut and Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookies. We opened up presents as well. I had bought the Scratch Map for mnm knowing that he loved traveling and would spend quite some time scratching off all the places he visited. I received the Naked on the Run palette, and some lipstick/chapstick and I love them. I was shocked how he had walked into a Sephora in the first place. I said a video of him shopping in a Sephora would have been a present in it of itself. Hah. The idea of him walking into a Sephora is hilarious.

On Christmas day, we went to my aunts and had some lovely roast and turkey made by the cousins. It was a pretty laid back event and mnm got to meet the Park side of my family. My grandpa took an instant liking as mnm shared the same last name as his first grandson.

Ferris the Beagle and Mandu seemed to bring out some intense thoughts from our family as seen below. It was so great to have all the pups hanging out considering that Ferris and Mandu didn’t get along so well before. But, this time it was a happy meeting between Ellie, Ferris and Mandu.

Hoping for the best in the new year and a lot more life happenings, traveling (I’m feeling the need to travel again…) and more DIY adventures! I have a skincare lotion recipe coming up soon!