5 Favorite Cruelty-Free Skincare Companies

For the past couple years I have mostly used cruelty-free skincare products after I found out about the horrible abuse animals endured for beauty products. While I love beauty and skincare products, I don’t believe animals should suffer for it. I love trying the newest and latest skincare craze. Have you noticed that the mainstream beauty world has finally caught up with Korean beauty/skincare products? I feel like I see an article about Korean beauty products nearly everyday! I just saw one on today.

Nevertheless, having tried so many products, I found that these are my top 5 go-to skincare companies:

1) Elta MD Skincare

Elta MD Sunscreen (UV Physical Broad-Spectrum SPF 41 and UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46) have been my go-to sunscreen for the past year. If you know me I can talk about sunscreen all day err day. Their sunscreen is matte and feels just like a moisturizer. Sometimes this is all I wear before walking out the door. Currently I’m trying out their tinted sunscreen, and while it’s just as great, I’ll probably be returning to the previous two after I’m finished.

2) Yon-Ka Paris

Yon-Ka’s skincare products are what I would go to if money were of no issue. This is probably one of my favorite (of favorites) when it comes to skincare products. When I had acne issues in college a friend of a friend introduced me to Creme 15 and Creme 11. I fell in love. Their toners (I used PNG) are absolutely amazing as well. But weirdly, more than anything, I love the smell. Usually I don’t like my skincare products having too much of a fragrance, but Yon-Ka just smells so good. It’s a bit on the pricy end (around $45 for their cremes and it’s only a little over 2 oz…) unfortunately, but I love it.

3) Eminence Organic Skincare

If you have dry skin, the only place you should look is Eminence. They have probably the best moisturizers for dry skin that I have ever come across. I tried their Rosehip Whip Moisturizers and it was amazing. You only need a little dab and it goes a long way. I also tried the Lime Refresh Tonique and the Stone Crop Hydrating Mist, which I do like and have used multiple times, but I’d really come to Eminence for their moisturizer. I’ve heard amazing things about their masks and can’t wait to try it! They are also on the pricy end like Yon-ka, but you will get your moneys worth.

4) Obagi Medical

This is my go-to toner. I’ve used countless bottles of this toner and when I’m running out and don’t want to research – I go to Obagi. It is reliable and gets the job done! I go to facials bi-weekly and they only use Obagi products. I haven’t inquired exactly which products they use, but I always feel great after. I’ll have to find out. The prices are slightly cheaper than Yon-ka and Eminence, but not by much.

5) Kiss my Face

I almost would have never found this product because I loved Elta MD’s sunscreen so much, but my friends refused to wear sunscreen. So after my rant, I decided to get them sunscreen. I did some research and decided to get this one. I, of course, had to try some and I was very impressed! I will get a tube after my Elta MD sunscreen runs out so that I can try it more consistently. I found that this was a little more greasy than Elta MD’s sunscreen on first touch, but that goes away quickly.

A little note:

Has anyone tried the charcoal activated soaps? I’ve been on a soap craze for awhile (as opposed to cleansers) and I’ve been thoroughly pleased. I tried the Acne Facial Bar from Veritas Soap Company when I was going through my horrible hormonal acne, and it’s been great! It’s cheap and feels amazing.

Well, I’m about to run out and wanted to try the Yes to Tomatoes Activated Charcoal Bar Soap

The black soap just looks so cool that I wanted to try it. Any reviews? I’ll probably go out and get it sometime in the next week. If there are skincare companies that have a charcoal soap that is great please let me know!