Nothing makes me happier than a wagging tail

My little pup, Mandu, has a broken tail. I don’t know what happened, but his tail was broken before we adopted him. Nothing in the world makes me happier than seeing his little broken tail wagging back and forth. It’s probably one of the purest signs of happiness in the world – a dog and a wagging tail. Dogs can’t fake happiness, and it’s probably why I love them so much. When they’re happy, they’re happy. You can’t even really find this pureness in children – trust me, I taught students (4-17 years old) for nearly 10 years.

Every time I touch the tip of Mandu’s tail, I wonder who/what broke his little tail and the amount of pain he must have endured. But luckily, he’s a dog and he only lives in the present. He doesn’t let that horrible incident overtake his life. What’s done is done. I sometimes wish that people could take more of that mentality, me included.

Last week, I had a horrible encounter with a casting director and I was truly shocked by just how truly awful and mean this man was. The only word that I can use to describe this man is ‘mean’. I was actually really hurt by his words for the entire day and to be honest, even now. But then, I realized that I’m sure he’s had some horrible things happen to him to be who he is today. I highly doubt he was born this way. The world must have treated him horribly and I can see it now in retrospect.

What’s strange is that yes, his words stung, but had I been Mandu, I would have moved on and forgot about it. He wouldn’t let it affect his day. I take things way to personally and hope that Mandu can rub off on me a little more. We can learn a lot from pups.

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  1. I just saw this story about a dog up for adoption. The doggie (Electra) loves to wag her tail so much that she whacked it against a hard surface and broke it. They had to amputate her tail. She still wags her tail stump.
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