We can learn from children

The news, and by news I mean Facebook’s Trending section, has been bombarded with animal killings lately. First, with Ricky Gervais’ amazing takedown of wildlife hunter, Rebecca Francis, and then the murder of a cat, by Kristin Lindsey, who is a vet no less! There’s a Facebook group asking for the justice for this cat here.

This post started off being a rant on hunting as a “sport”, but I don’t think the internet needs yet another angry post flying around the blogosphere – let’s stay positive. I found this gem:

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

-Mahatma Gandhi

The insight of children can be amazing. The country that this little boy lives in just got a little more great. We need more children like this. Instead of just doing what his mother tells him to do, he starts questioning the logic behind it. And even more amazing is his mother. She listens to her child and supports his beliefs. I’m sure this mother will have a hell of time trying to convince her son to do anything as he gets older, but he seems pretty darn logical. When he says “I like that they stay standing up”, I laughed and then cried. Such an innocent, cute little statement, but yet so true.

These animals…you gotta take care of them…and not eat them

You’re so right little one. I’m going to try my very best. Thank you for inspiring me! Next up: My road to being a vegetarian. Any tips/recipes are greatly appreciated!

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