Mother’s Day Napa

This is a bit late, but my brother, mom and I went to Napa over Mother’s day weekend. My mom loves wine, so we knew she’d have an amazing time and this would be her first time! I was pretty excited because I’ve always wanted to take her there. My brother and I were recently there within the past month or two so we had a pretty good idea of where we wanted to take her. But, this was an intense trip. We were leaving at the crack of dawn on Saturday and returning Sunday night so that my brother could make his work trip to Dallas on Monday. We packed everything up, including Mandu, and hit the road.

The ride there was incredibly quick. My brother and I talked about investing in some stocks (we’re getting old) while my mom slept nearly the entire way there. As a side note, I started investing in Tesla, Alibaba and Salesforce just for fun. Any other recommendations?! Back to Napa, we hit some traffic crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, so instead of going to Castello di Amorosa Castle winery like we planned, we went to Jacuzzi and Cline winery in Sonoma. They were fun and we bought this awesome lemongrass balsamic vinegar and orange olive oil that we immediately took back to the hotel and devoured. We had a lovely Mother’s Day dinner at Grace’s Place in downtown Napa before heading off to sleep.

The minute we woke up, we headed straight for Castello di Amorosa. More than even the wine, the entire castle experience is what we came for. When we got there we saw these really cute pair of goats who were munching on some grape vines. We all thought it was cute until an employee ran out screaming “How did you get out?!” He tried to get them back in their pens, but right as he opened the door, a couple of rams and other farm animals bolted out the gate. The entire group made a run for it. It was awesome and hilarious.

After tons of picture taking, we went in the castle and got the full on tour. We had a pretty awesome tour guide that made multiple Game of Thrones references, which I ate up since I had just recently binge watched seasons 1-5 and was all caught up. On another side note, why does Game of Thrones season 5 suck now?! Anyways, we made it through the tour, drank lots of wine and headed home. We were exhausted.

My mom thought Napa was incredibly beautiful and didn’t want to leave. She loved it even more than SF. We’re definitely coming here again. My mom is cherishing all the wine we bought and saving it for special occasions. Actually, not really, we’ve already drank 3 in the past couple weeks! Hah.


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