Last week, one of my dear friends had some time off for vacation and wanted to do something fun. She’s in her residency now, so time off is a rare treat and we wanted to go somewhere far far away. We were initially thinking Belize, but realized it was a bit out of our price range. Then, we decided on Cancun, and after many other cities, we finally scaled down to Portland. My friends had never been and I always wanted to go back since I was only there for a couple days for Press Publish.

Unfortunately for us, we had no idea it rained so much and found out that it’d be raining the entire time we were there. 😦 However, it was a vacation away from LA and greatly appreciated the time away. Being the LA girls that we are, we prepared by each buying rain boots. You wouldn’t believe how idiotic I felt walking around Los Angeles in 90 degree weather with rain boots on. I didn’t want put them in my luggage bag as they’d take up too much space.

Nevertheless, after short 2 hour plane ride we arrived! We rested that night, got some take out, and fell asleep. The next day was our brewery tour day. It started at 11 am. We went to Deschutes Brewery and tried their awesome beer. I’ve gained a love for stouts? I really can’t tell the difference between great beers, but from what I tried it was awesome. My friend in residency loves beer, so I introduced her to Untappd. Yes, I’ve become that friend that’s always talking about different apps to try out…who would have thought!

Next up, we went to Tasty n Alder for multiple rounds of Bloody Mary’s. They were amazing! We had one octopus leg that all three of us shared. It was awesome. We went to another place, but I forget where. We were in bed by 8 pm.

After about 12 hours of sleep, we got a rental car and headed to Multnomah Falls. It was absolutely beautiful. After that hike all three of us said we would move to Portland in a heartbeat. Then it started raining. Slowly by the end of the day, we all said we loved our beloved Socal and didn’t want to live in Portland anymore. Hah. Once we got back, we fell asleep by 9:30pm. We were amazed by how early we were sleeping. It truly felt that we aged a bit since our days in undergrad. Asleep by 9:30pm?! Even our significant others at home thought we were a bit grandma-ish.

The next day was our friend’s birthday. She’s a sweetheart and hates celebrating her birthday, so we had a pretty quiet day of shopping, walking around downtown, and eating a nice dinner. We made a true effort to stay out until 10 pm. 🙂 We succeeded! We headed home the next day, and while Portland was nice, and can only imagine how amazing it would be with good weather, we probably won’t make a big move here anytime soon. Thanks Portland!

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