Adulting is hard

You know that time when you go to the super market to buy “food” and come out with 5 boxes of ice cream bars and a bag of hot Cheetos? Goodness, I thought I had adulting down until I looked at my pathetic refrigerator starving. In my defense though, Ralphs had some ridiculous sale where you had to buy 5 boxes of ice cream to get like $5 dollars off. Why I didn’t even think about buying other food? Don’t know. Now that I think about it, I probably didn’t even get a big discount to warrant 5 boxes of ice cream. -_- Adulting is hard. I know these are what you call “first-world” problems, but this is my reality right now. Hopefully I’ll survive this. 😉

But just as an update to my last vent on this blog, I did find my own place in Los Angeles! I got a balcony, one bedroom, parking, and it’s dog friendly – sorta. I’ve been having problems with my neighbors complaining about my barking dog, yes, this little cutie. How can you get mad at that face? As it turns out, quite a bit. He has insane separation anxiety and I literally can’t leave him for 5 minutes until he starts barking like someone is murdering him. But, it usually stops within 5 minutes max. I guess that’s too much for some folks. I’m trying my best, but my neighbors don’t seem to care, which I guess I can understand, but try to understand! I begrudgingly got a de-bark collar. 😥 It’s not one of those shock collars, but rather the spray collar that sprays his face every time he barks. It actually works well and I don’t think he’s in any pain every time it shoots into his face. I think it’s just annoying, so he stops barking. I’ve also started crate training which I think actually helps a lot. He’s not so out of breath when I return from being away. Anyways, :fingerscrossed: this works because my lovely neighbors and manager love threatening me.

However, all dog issues aside, I’m starting to feel a bit more comfortable in my own place. All necessary furniture is in place! I’m actually really proud because there is not one piece of furniture that I did not put together by myself and this includes by bed frame! I didn’t really ask for help because I’m impatient. I wanted all the furniture done ASAP. And who better to do it than me! I had one dinky screwdriver for most of my furniture! Luckily the ❤ lent me a drill to finish off my desk and some wall furniture. In the beginning I didn’t even like sleeping in my place because it felt like one of those fake model homes where there’s furniture and everything, but just doesn’t feel like home. But, as friends and family started visiting I began to feel a lot better about my place.

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  1. I have to admit – that opening sentence made me laugh out loud. One of my friends posted on Facebook recently “don’t you just hate it when you buy wholemeal bagels, and then when you get home they are just ordinary donuts?” lol

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