5 Days in Bangkok

Back in February, the ❤ and I went to Bangkok, Thailand. Since he only got 7 days off and nearly 3 of those days would be spent flying, I wanted to make the most of this trip. It actually worked out perfectly because 5 days was just the right amount of time to see Bangkok for the first time. Next time we want to check out the islands!

Day 1: We spend much of this day acclimating and getting used to the timezone change. ❤ had to do some work as well so we spent most of the day in and around the hotel. We stayed at the Eastin Grand Sathorn Hotel, and we were very impressed! It had the infinity pool that I’ve always wanted to swim in and an amazing breakfast buffet! I’d highly recommend this hotel if you plan on staying in Bangkok and make sure to get the breakfast buffet!

Day 2: This was our big temple day. We went to Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha), the Grand Palace, and Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of Emerald Buddha). We saved the Grand Palace for last and I’m glad we did as it was definitely the best temple we visited. I’d say starting at Wat Arun, then going to Wat Pho, and finishing up at the Grand Palace is perfect. I covered up pretty well considering what I read online about visiting temples in Bangkok, but the dress code wasn’t as strict as I had thought. There were so many foreigners in shorts and tank tops, and the temples provide cover-ups when you go in, so I wouldn’t worry to much about it. It was pretty amazed by all the temples since I had never seen anything like it.

* One warning though! Watch out for people who promise you a cheap private tour around these temples. We were the target of these people. They even wear “official” looking t-shirts to act like employees. They lie and say that the Grand Palace is closed and that they will take us to another temple with a cheap private tour on a tuk tuk. I had a fishy feeling, so I said no. I found out later that the tuk tuk drivers drive you off into a shady area and rob you for all your worth. It’s really unfortunate that people try to take advantage of tourists like that.

At night we saw a muay thai fight! We don’t know much about muay thai, but we had a great time! There was around 10 matches, and we stayed for about 7. The 7th match was the big one between the two best muay thai fighters and it showed. More than the fight I like the warm ups that they do. It looks like a dance of some sort, which I thought was pretty cool. 🙂

Day 3: Cooking at Baipai Cooking School. I think this was one of the best activities that we did in Bangkok! Baipai will come pick you up from your hotel and take you to their beautiful cooking school! The garden was so pretty and everything was set up so well. We made some papaya salad, panang curry, bbq chicken, and sticky rice with mango (which the ❤ fell in love with). The teachers were so nice and very helpful! We definitely gained so much more respect for Thai food. We had no idea it was so involved! We keep saying that we will make thai food for our families when we come back, but just the sheer amount of ingredients and labor have made it difficult.

Day 4: Elephants World! The ❤ and I wanted to make sure we see elephants on our trip to Thailand. However, I knew I didn’t want to do one of those trekking camps because I knew I couldn’t handle watching elephants being abused. They are such smart and beautiful animals, it makes me so sad that humans take advantage of them. This was the perfect alternative. All the elephants were rescued from trekking camps and logging. They were so sweet and it was so nice to see how much the manouks (elephants handlers) loved their elephants. We got to feed the elephants, make food for them, and bathe them! Being so up close and personal with them was truly an experience I will never forget. If you ever end up going to Thailand, I definitely recommend going to an elephant sanctuary over any trekking camps. Elephants aren’t meant to ridden like horses.

Day 5: This was our last day before we headed home, so I thought it would be nice to get a Thai massage. I thought it would be relaxing, but unfortunately this was the <3’s first ever massage. I think we should have started with a less-intense massage. He was in sheer pain, and he jokes that he may have PTSD from the experience ;P. For an hour I just heard him groaning in pain the poor thing. I don’t think we’ll be doing any more couples massages any time soon!

While our trip was pretty jam packed, I had an amazing time. I would highly recommend Bangkok, and the itinerary that we had was perfect!

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  1. Nice photos! May i ask how you upload it all in the same size? i saw the cute words below the photo how do you that?
    May i also ask how do you change the sizes of your fonts? Sory for these questions as i am a new blogger


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