My Life and Yoga

Exactly 5 days ago I went to my first Core Power Yoga class from the recommendation of one of my friends. Ever since I’ve been absolutely addicted. I’ve never felt the kind of high that I felt after these yoga classes. I’m actually really surprised because I’m not one to get into something like yoga. I say that because I took classes before and hated the breathing exercises and the whole “spiritual” aspect of it. I wanted a class that kicked my butt and just got to the point. But, I’m not sure if it’s cause of my age or just where I am at life, but I’m loving these Yoga classes. I even enjoy the focus on breathing and the idea that you forget everything in that one hour you’re in class. It’s been life-changing. I wake up everyday so excited to go to class. I haven’t missed a day since I started 5 days ago. Who knew?!

After my class I feel so pumped and ready to start my day. The feeling also lingers through out the day in that I’m more calm and things that used to annoy me drive me less crazy. For example yesterday after yoga, I went to Sidecar Doughnuts and Coffee (my favorite dessert cafe) and worked a bit, and then headed to my co-working space where they had an event with Congressman Ted Lieu! If you don’t know who he is, watch this. Can he run for president?! Ok, back to yoga. It’s strange because had it not been for yoga, I probably would not have gone to Sidecar or my co-working space because I read an email late yesterday night from a client that was on the back of my mind. It was pretty stressful, so I most likely would have tried to deal with it the minute I woke up, but going to yoga instead really changed the entire day. By the end of it, client issues were taken care of, and I didn’t even really stress!

Currently, my favorite classes are Core Power Yoga 2 and Hot Power Fusion. The Yoga Sculpting class (yoga with weights) was great, but wow, 3 lbs never felt so heavy. I think I’ll have to do that once a week. I’ve gone to all three locations in Westwood, Brentwood, and Hollywood. Hollywood is amazing! It’s the biggest of the three, and it feels like one of the newer locations. It’s so clean.

I’m so happy my friend recommended Core Power Yoga to me – I think we were both surprised how much I love it. Even if you don’t think you’d love yoga like me, just try it out!

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