Bunion Halp!

Halp. I have bunions – an awful word (almost as bad as “moist” in my opinion) for an equally awful issue. My fear of being an out of shape 30 year old caused me to go back to ballet. Now my bunions are on fire, so I get to choose from this lovely collection of shoes. To give you an idea of what these shoes look like:
What do I do?! I’m sorry, but I love heels. And I’m guessing this is now my punishment. But in all seriousness, I don’t want surgery. Any better options out there that I’m missing? I’m all ears…

One thought

  1. I have a bunion on my left foot which continues to grow.
    I love running.
    My running shoes are always uncomfortable and the upper wears out too quickly.
    I have been told that I should avoid surgery at all costs. It will lead to a life of excruciating pain.
    What do you think?

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