An East Coast Trip to Remember

I recently took a trip to the East Coast for a wedding in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I was pretty excited to see the East Coast and all its glory during the summer since my last encounter with the East Coast was an absolute disaster – Hurricane Sandy, you were freaking amazing. The groom is an old college friend of my <3’s, so I was excited to meet his college and med school friends. He always talks about how awesome they were, and I wanted to get a glimpse of his life before he came to what is the closest version of Heaven on Earth – the beautiful West Coast, specifically Los Angeles. 🙂

It was a loaded East Coast trip: Cape Cod > Boston > New Haven > NYC.

Cape Cod

The last time I was here, it was cold, icy, and gloomy. I can say that this time around, it was the exact opposite. The weather was beautiful and when we weren’t celebrating wedding festivities, we got to relax and lay out on the beach! Beach on the East Coast? Yes! Apparently, they have beaches here! 😉 It was a small reunion of friends from what I witnessed, and while I first had no idea who anyone was, they were all so so nice and very welcoming. The ❤ was so happy to be surrounded by old friends, I wanted nothing more than for him to spend as much time with them as possible. The wedding itself was so colorful! Indian weddings seem to match my personality. I imagined an over the top wedding with the groom entering on a majestic animal of some sort, but that was not the case for this one. It was beautiful and while I didn’t really understand the ceremony too much, the bride and groom looked so happy and in love. I couldn’t have been happier for them! I did get a little sick during the reception, which was a huge bummer since I couldn’t eat most of the food, and had to rest during some of the dancing.


After the wedding, we headed to Boston, MA where we had an amazing BBQ hosted by the parents of one of the <3’s closest friend. It was Japanese-style BBQ with skewers, and I loved it! I even enjoyed the lamb, which I usually cannot stomach. I had a small taste, and it was pretty good! Afterwards, we headed to our hotel before a night of fireworks. Boston has an amazing 4th of July show that we watched from across the river in front of MIT. After a long night, we got some much needed rest. I however, woke up to a nasty cold that would remain until the end of the trip. 😦 My body was hopped up on Vitamin C hoping that it’d fight off my cold, but that did not succeed. I got to visit the <3’s old stomping grounds and see my old grad school once again. It’s hard to imagine that he spent 4 years in Cambridge because I associate him with LA and my life at home. So, watching him show me his old dorm and school was a bit weird, but nice. I also got to show him my grad school! The memories I have of this city and my school weren’t necessarily the most positive, but I do look back without regret. It was a great learning experience for me and while I don’t plan on ever moving back to Boston, I do appreciate the time I spent there.

New Haven

After Boston, we headed straight on a bus to New Haven, Connecticut. I never visited the Yale campus, but it was absolutely beautiful. I wish I had gone on a tour of Yale in my early years of high school because had I known, I think I would have desperately wanted to get in! The campus is exactly how I imagined East Coast private Ivy League universities to look like. The buildings were grand, old, and extremely detailed. I got to meet a couple med school friends of the ❤ and they were pretty awesome. One let us use her entire apartment! It was amazing. The pizza was amazing. I think I’m going to say it – it’s better than the pizza in NYC. There’s a mashed potato bacon pizza that is to die for. Go get it. Also, another food tip, go to Bella’s Cafe. The best brunch food I’ve ever had. Who knew New Haven would be a great city for food! Not me!


After a short trip to New Haven, we got on a train to NYC. All the while, I felt horrible from my cold. Why did no one tell me NYC gets humid in the summer?! WOW. I’ve felt humidity in Miami and Cancun, but this NYC humidity was nothing compared to those cities. The sweat mixed in with the crowded streets of New York really did it in for me. I was exhausted, sick, and tired. But, I did finally get to see the Statue of Liberty. That lady liberty was pretty freaking amazing. And then the ❤ decided to “document” my immigration to the United States through my tour of Ellis Island. Mind you, I was born in Los Angeles, and he is the true immigrant. He thought it was hilarious. I was too busy blowing my nose to realize that half way through he was trying to make a short video of my “immigration”. -_- Haha I’m still waiting to see the results of this short.

After the Statue of Liberty, we visited the World Trade Center Memorial, which was beautiful. I can’t believe how long it’s been since the Twin Towers fell, I still remember it so vividly. We then visited the Met because my body couldn’t handle the heat of going across the Brooklyn Bridge. That will have to wait till our next visit. 🙂 One of the best parts of NYC was seeing the <3’s friends again from the wedding. They graciously hosted us and gave us amazing food recommendations throughout the city. I think I failed in my attempt at getting them to move to the West Coast as they seem to love NY and the East Coast dearly. It’s a great city and I can see why people love it, but I think I’m just too in love with LA and the beautiful weather. I can’t let it go! No doubt, I’ve tried. 😦 I hope to see them again soon!

Los Angeles

We had a disastrous trip back where our flights got canceled and we were stuck at a Newark airport hotel over night, but we made it home safe and sound. I think we came to the conclusion that there’s no place like home. 😀



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