Face Masks, Skincare, and Makeup

For the past month or so I’ve been obsessed with face masks – all of them. Whether they’re face sheet masks, pore masks, moisturizing masks, cleansing masks, diy masks, or rose masks I’ve been doing them almost on the daily. I love how how my skin looks and feels after, especially the face sheet masks.

I think my skin has been looking brighter and I’ve been mostly blemish free! My pores are smallers and my skin feels tighter too. Seeing the positive impact of face masks has really made doing them a crucial part of my skincare routine.

I used to have a bunch of face sheet masks from my mom that I just never used, but since I’ve been using them daily I actually had to purchase them for myself for the first time! I bought the Tonymoly ones below because they were fairly cheap on Amazon. While I was a fan of the Tea Tree and Makgeoli face sheets, I wasn’t a fan of the Rice mask (it was too thick and had a hard time sticking to my face). I haven’t used the rest yet, so I’m excited to try them as the texture of the masks is different for all of them.

While I prefer the masks below less, the Caudalie Masque Instant Detox is my favorite. I feel so clean after and I highly recommend it. I find that the sheet masks make my skin look brighter the next morning, and it’s much less work to apply and remove.

The My Scheming mask was so popular on Youtube for removing blackheads, but it hasn’t been so successful for me. While the first 2 times I tried this mask pulled out a few blackheads, the third time was a complete failure. I wouldn’t recommend this one from my experience. Has anyone had a blackhead mask that was extremely successful? I’ve tried the popular Caolion Premium Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack, but I hated the bubbly part because it felt so ticklish I just wanted it off my face. I’d love to find a blackhead mask that works!

The Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask is similar to the Caudalie Masque Instant Detox mask. I love the texture of this mask on my face once it dried and settled, but if I had to choose one, I’d go with the Caudalie Masque Instant Detox. My skin felt a bit more clean with Caudalie mask than this one when I washed it off my face.

Caudalie Masque Instant Detox, My Scheming Blackhead Mask, Caudlie Masque Creme Hydration, Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
While I’d like to attribute my nicer skin on all the masks, I do have to admit that I’ve been taking care of my skin a lot more as well. My friend from Korea brought me the Power 10 Formula Ye Effector, which is supposedly a dupe for the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. I absolutely love this night cream. It feels so light on the face as opposed to most night creams. I have to find where I can get this in the States because I’m definitely going to get this again.

While I didn’t have high hopes for this T-Zone treatment from boscia: No Pores No Shine, it was surprisingly good! I put it on my T-Zone everyday, morning and night, and it’s so light on my face. I love light moisturizers, treatments, and creams. If it feels heavy, I find that I sometimes just skip it. And with this product again, while my pores are smaller I have no idea if it’s from this treatment, or from all the masks I’ve been using. However, I have noticed that my pores are smaller and this is a part of my routine!

This last product was completely unnecessary as my collection of eyeshadow palettes is getting a little ridiculous, but boy am I so happy I bought it. My friend highly recommended it to me, and I’ve been eyeing it since, especially for that Realgar color. It’s so beautiful. I finally convinced myself to get it with the intention that this would be my last eyeshadow palette…for awhile…ha…ha. But, my goodness the pigmentation is like no other and the colors blend so well. It is my favorite palette thus far, even including the Naked and Smashbox palettes. Pigmentation wise I do think this it is comparable to Smashbox eyeshadows, but the colors in this palette are absolutely amazing.

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